Meet Your Provider ...

Karla Good, RN

Karla obtained her RN in 1992.  Her time has been spent in the ER, Cardiology and working with sexual assault victims.  Karla also served our country in the Air Force during Desert Storm.   

One of our long-term clients, Karla loved the atmosphere and genuine nature of the practice so much she expressed an interest in becoming a nurse injector several years ago.  She completed her training and certification under our Medical Director, Dale Ann Dorsey.  During her internship, she has also mentored with Angie Corsini, our Master Injection Specialist.

As our hand specialist, Karla can transform hands that give away our age with dermal fillers that bring back a youthful plump while minimizing veins, wrinkles and bony structure.

Karla believes that growing older doesn't mean giving up.  It's never too late for self care or enhancing your looks.   A little help can slow down the aging process, allowing us to look and feel like ourselves in a refreshed, confident manner.