Come experience why our Clients Love Us!


Established in 2011, Advantage Beauty originated in old town Scottsdale with one nurse in a single room.  

Eight years and over 50,000 procedures later we are proud to be a trusted source providing clients all over the valley the relationship based service and high quality treatments they seek.  Advantage Beauty boasts a full range of Aesthetics, Injectable Treatments,  IPL, Laser, Hair Removal, Skin Tightening and Body Contouring services.

Under new ownership in late 2017 we've taken care to preserve the original owners vision as well as adding an amazing VIP membership and a generous loyalty based rewards program.

Our team consists of a perfectly well rounded team ready to listen to your concerns and take you to a whole new level of self-improvement.

The original owner had a dream to create a joyful working environment helping to build self-esteem for clients and staff where people care, connect and support one another.  Her passion and vision were rewarded with a successful business.  When she passed in November 2016, she left behind a dedicated staff & thriving business. 

The year that followed was difficult, but the determination and perseverance demonstrated by one of the key employees kept the hope alive and the doors open.   Jessica Hinshaw along with Dale Ann Dorsey, MSN, RNP-C as the new Medical Director successfully managed to continue the daily operations until the business was put up for sale a year later.  

In December 2017, Dale Ann Dorsey, MSN, RNP-C and her husband Tim Dorsey purchased  Advantage Beauty & Health with a mission to honor the past and define the future.  The visionary couple established Arcadia Well Women, located next door in 2005 and have been taking care of patients and receiving high accolades for over a decade prior to purchasing Advantage Beauty and Health.

For female clients, the clinical component at Arcadia Well Woman takes over where Advantage Beauty leaves off ... The healthcare team takes the time to listen to your concerns and works to create a health care plan that incorporates your individual needs and strengths.  Whether you are looking for well woman care, gynecology, family planning, prenatal care, hormone therapy /  pellets, treating infections, minor problems or sexual issues, the individual attention you receive at Arcadia Well Woman is top notch.

For our male clients, in addition to the services offered at Advantage Beauty and Health, we can also consult on hormone issues, well-being and offer referrals to necessary providers.

We believe it is important to treat the whole person. and your total health and well-being are always the priority.   The professionals, combined knowledge and resources available between the two offices ensure you have made the right choice when joining our family.


Our commitment is to provide optimal client results & satisfaction along with the educational tools needed for you to look and feel your best.

Consultations are always complementary to ensure you can ask questions & receive the exact treatment for your unique needs.