March Madness!


Lose the Lines!

Squinting, frowning or concentrating causes repetitive movements of the forehead muscles and can cause lines to form between the eyebrows.  Same goes for those lovely crows feet near your eyes.  Lose the lines for less this month!  Get your Botox for $8.25 per unit or Dysport for $3.00 per unit all month long!  Offer ends March 31, 2019.

Problems with Thinning hair? It's PRP Hair Restoration to the Rescue!

PRP is an exciting non-surgical option for both men and women that is safe and effective.  Injections are made into the scalp with a local anesthetic and a thin needle.  The active growth factors promote hair growth resulting in a fuller, healthier head of hair.  A series of 4 treatments is required, spaced about three weeks apart.  Package price $1500.

Seeing Spots?

Are you lucky enough to have just a small pigmented spot or two on your face that's been bothering you?  How about those tiny little red lines around your nose called spider veins?  Let us help minimize them with IPL.   This month we are offering Spot treatment for just $75.  Typically, this consists of  two to three quick  visits to allow us to hit spots multiple times.  Offer ends March 31, 2019.

Love your Lashes!

This month, ditch the eyelash curler with a Lash Lift!  Instead of expensive and damaging lash extensions, why not grow your own lashes and give them the perfect curl and lift?  We packaged our signature lash lift with a tint and eyebrow wax & shape to make those eyes pop!  Save $50 on the treatment trio this month and pay only $75!  Offer ends March 31, 2019.

Featured Product of the Month - Lash Growth Serum!

Normally $60, this month boost those lashes for only $50.  This month, it's perfectly paired with our Lash Lift for ultimate va-voom! Offer ends March 31, 2019.

Military Discount

Keeping our military Beautiful! 

Show us your id and get a 10% discount on any regularly priced product or service.